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Hi, my name is Ryan Kingslien. Several years ago I got my dream job helping to develop software at Pixologic.  The Software? ZBrush, of course!

During my time at Pixologic I got to learn ZBrush inside and out.  In meeting after meeting with the core development team they shared the fundamental artistic architecture of how ZBrush operates and I'd like to share that with you.

ZBrush, as you may have noticed, isn't like other programs.  It stands apart in both it's UI and it's capabilities. I've learned that in order to MASTER ZBrush you have to learn how it thinks from the algorithms up.

What's In The Course

I designed this eight week online course to teach you the fundamental building blocks of ZBrush.  

In this course I will teach you the following:

  • The Brush System
  • Dynamesh And Other Parts Of The Geometry System
  • Hard Surface Tools
  • ZModeler, ArrayMesh & NanoMesh's New Feature Set
  • Texturing System
  • Material & Rendering System
  • Outputing For 3D Printing
  • Outputing Displacement and Normal Maps

The Problem

Many people look at ZBrush and the first problem they run into is the UI.  Why can't it be like all the other programs?  

Well, there are reasons but those reason's don't matter as much as this one fact: ZBrush is a creative force and an experience unlike any other program.

ZBrush creates raving fans because once you get it, once you understand why things are put in different places in the interface it becomes an intuitive and blazingly fast program. This isn't your latest Toyota Corolla.  ZBrush is the luxury car of digital sculpting and it can take you places no other software can...

... but you have to learn the fundamentals. You have to learn the SYSTEM.

The System

ZBrush is composed of several overlapping systems.  There is the BRUSH system.  The GEOMETRY sytem. The ZMODELER system. The TEXTURING SYSTEM. The MATERIAL AND RENDERING system and a few others.

These systems are all designed with a certain amount of fuzzy logic to give you that creative spark that we artists crave.

They key, though, is to understand how the systems interact.  For example, a 3D Model can be sculpted inside of ZBrush.  It can also become a Brush and be used to sculpt with.  Another example is how geometry can be used to help you texture paint your model via the cavity masking features.  There are so many more ways that the software builds a network of functional tools for us and I really look forward to sharing them with you. 

My Promise To You

Learning how to master ZBrush has alot to do with learning how to sculpt and mastering all aspects of your craft. I've taught thousands of people ZBrush over the last nine years and I've seen people from all walks of life pick this program up and discover a whole new dimension to their creativity.

I will teach you the tools in ZBrush that help you do your job and help you access your creativity. All you got to do is show up, do the exercises and have fun!


What People Say About Ryan Kingslien

"Ryan, you're the best! Thanks for this! I'm a big thinker...always have been. I think about things way too much. I've been thinking about creating for the past 7 years and have barely done anything cause I psyche myself out." - Ben Livingston

"Those thoughts have been lingering around my head for a while now! I'm happy there's a professional (a person that has more experience) that makes us aware of those thoughts. I listen to your talks many times, and I really love em. They make me realize a lot of things that are untrue inside my head, and that I'm not alone!! Many thanks for these videos, really appreciate them!!" - Tomasz Liksza

"Thank you, I really connected with what you said, cause at the moment I am dealing with these polarising forces, your affirmation, knowledge and wisdom has set my path refreshed with a better view, so again thanks" - Shane DeFreitas 


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