Cristina Pavel: Career Shift

Cristina Pavel has been working in the jewelry industry for almost a year now. She started designing jewelry in August of 2015. It was somewhat an off-tangent choice of new career because her area of specialization is tourism.

She and her family have a small rental business and she never attended any jewelry art school. She said that she loved drawings since she was a child. She only learned how to design jewelry when she took the online course of Tomas.

Cristina has extra time in her hand when it is an off-peak season in the rental business. She spends her idle time in drawing. She has an artist streak in her, which could be genetic since her brother is a visual artist. It was her brother who introduced her to ZBrush.

Cristina was first intimidated to try learning the program because she perceived it to be more complex than flying an airplane:

“When I first opened the program and saw all the buttons I thought that learning to fly a plane would be easier and I just gave up.”

Her brother was persistent in convincing her to try ZBrush. She eventually tried it and became proficient in it. She formerly used Photoshop and Modo but she now exclusively uses ZBrush in her design work.

Just like other students of Tomas, Cristina admits that it is hard to pick just one important lesson she learned from Tomas.

Cristina was already familiar with the works of Tomas because of his posts on Zbrush Central. She was curious how Tomas made all those designs. She then discovered the online course of Tomas and decided that it was her ticket to the jewelry industry.

In terms of technical aspect, she learned that it is important to save two versions of a model – one in Dynamesh and the other one in Zremesh. She said that switching back and forth between the two is crucial in the process of sculpting a digital model.

She learned to tell her own story through her designs. More importantly, Tomas inspired her to have the confidence in her talent and skills. She was able to build a business out of her hobby. It’s the next level of applying what she learned.

Cristina is particularly proud of the two jewelry pieces that she designed. The first one was a baroque-themed ring that she made in the seventh week of the course that she took. An antique carriage in a museum that she saw was the inspiration of the design. She was able to finish it in a week.

The second jewelry piece that she is most proud of is the steampunk skull ring. It was very difficult for her to design considering that steampunk is not really her style but it is now one of her best selling jewelry pieces.

 We asked Cristina if she would recommend Tomas’ class and this was her reply:

“I would definitely recommend Tomas' class to anyone. I've seen experienced jewelers changing their entire view of jewelry design during the class, transitioning from a ‘CAD mentality’ to a more organic view. I've seen beginners progress from basic simple shapes to intricate, detailed pieces of jewelry. Tomas' class is very complex and there's a lot to gain from it, for everyone.”