Aiman Akhtar

Aiman Akhtar is one of the recent students of Tomas Wittelsbach in jewelry design. We have sent interview questions to Aiman about his area of specialization, his experience in using Zbrush, his opinions about Tomas, and regarding other related issues.

We have asked him the following questions:

1. How long have you been in the jewelry business and what is your specialization?

2. How did you discover ZBrush and were there other design programs you used before?

3. What are the important things that you learned from the online classes of Tomas?

4. What is the specific jewelry artwork that you are proud of and what was your inspiration? Was it difficult to do and how many hours or days it took to finish? Please send photos of the jewelry designs.

5. What made you decide to take Tomas' class?

6. Would you recommend Tomas' class? Why?

Aiman is based in Los Angeles and he works as a professional 3D artist. He specializes in designing stylized characters and 3D printing. He is relatively new in the jewelry business. He started prototyping his jewelry design last year using ZBrush. Aiman researched a lot about his new craft and he eventually discovered Tomas’ work. He became an instant fan of Tomas.

Aiman is impressed about ZBrush because of the speed and immediate feedback in using it. He said:

“I really feel like a sculptor as opposed to a technician with many other 3D software. I used Maya and Modo for commercial 3D work for many years but ZBrush is my bread and butter these days.“

Just like the other students in Tomas class, Aiman said that there are simply too many things that he learned from Tomas that it would be difficult to enumerate them all. He mentioned that the lessons Tomas taught him regarding necklaces, rings and pendants were all invaluable.

Aiman said:

“The most important of his lessons for me was the practical aspect of running through a jewelry production with manufacturers and building and marketing a brand.”

Aiman draw his artistic inspirations as a jewelry designer from several influences like Rodin and Richard MacDonald. He desires test the limits of figurative form in jewelry design. It’s jewelry design at its finest and most complex form.

According to him, pushing the limits of figurative dorm in jewelry design requires anatomical knowledge and a lot of exaggeration to achieve the design. One of the jewelry art piece that he is particularly proud of is the dancer necklace that he designed for his upcoming jewelry brand called Stance Jewelry. It required a lot of research to complete. It took him approximately one month to sculpt and prototype.

Aiman decided to take Tomas class because of his respect and admiration for him. He has this to say about the latter:

“Thomas is the guy who started making jewelry with ZBrush and pushed it further than anyone with his inkmetal brand. The quality of his work is what made me his fan and eventually student.”

He would definitely recommend Tomas’ class. He said that Tomas has a lot of experience and learned through the process of trial and error. The class of Tomas is structured in such as way that the students will have the optimal learning opportunity based on Tomas knowledge and methods.

If you are interested to know more about his works, you can visit his website: